Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer is over... Hello Grow Season!

It has been a few months since CSI Natural update our community blog... CSI Natural has to admit, putting effort into developing the best range of sustainable landscaping and gardening products is no quick task. Over the summer, CSI Natural began working with different labs/universities to further enhance the level of quality our current product line delivers. It has been a success, for the most part, and moving forward CSI Natural intends to put even more effort into these projects.

CSI Natural is also redeveloping our web presence to further enhance the CSI Natural's User Community's experience. A few new features will be more specific content generated from industry professionals throughout the world in hopes if educating our local community within Volusia County, FL. Other features will include regular updates to the CSI Natural Blog, a CSI Natural Community Forum for sharing green topics and other useful tid-bits of information specific to the local green community, and the list goes on...

CSI Natural Compost, Mulch & TopSoil is working hard every day, both in the field and in the office, to deliver our local community here in Edgewater, FL, the best landscaping and gardening alternatives available in Volusia County. Stay tuned and learn more...

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