Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sand Lot, Sand Lot... CSI Natural Sustainable Landscaping Products Chosen by Homeowner with Pets in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Photo of Landscape Installation located in New Smyrna Beach, FL
The backyard was finished with
CSI Natural Soil Amendment,
CSI Natural Hardwood Fines Mulch
and CSI Natural Burgundy Mulch.
Every now and then, CSI Natural is contacted by someone who has no idea how to Improve their existing backyard and/or tackle those BIG backyard nightmares... To make matters worse, most customers don't know how to identify, purchase or even utilize sustainable landscaping products. Well, as more people learn about CSI Natural Compost, Mulch & TopSoil, better decisions will be made regarding sustainable landscaping and gardening products.

Project Description:

The Homeowner wanted to tear-out the entire backyard, install a new irrigation system and incorporate sustainable landscaping products as much as possible within his backyard. He contacted CSI Natural and purchased locally.

Step 1 - Sterilization & Irrigation 

Photo of Landscape Installation located in New Smyrna Beach, FL
Step 1 - Sterilization & Irrigation System
The Sterilization Process began by preparing the entire yard for the install. The Homeowner took care to remove all unnecessary objects and really hit those hard to reach areas around the shed and by the fence line. After the backyard was free of debris, the time came to dig-up the backyard removing all existing grass, weeds and debris (natural/unnatural). Once the yard was completely stripped to it's natural state, Round-Up was applied to further ensure a weed free backyard. A new irrigation system was installed by a trained professional and a Preferred Vendor, Barefield Landscape & Irrigation.

Step 2 - Apply Organics & Create Landscaping Beds 

Photo of Landscape Installation located in New Smyrna Beach, FL
Organics installed within
landscaping beds.
Time to add the new materials. First thing added was CSI Natural Hardwood Fines to sculpt the pathway leading from the front yard to the backyard. The Homeowner chose to apply the CSI Natural Hardwood Fines first because the constant wear during the installation was a great way to compact the material. And, that's where the dogs run n' play, daily.

After the main pathway was completed, CSI Natural Soil Amendment was used to build the landscaping beds. Each bed was built around existing trees in the backyard. CSI Natural Soil Amendment retains lots of water and any fertilizer that's applied during the year.

Step 3 - Install Sod/Grass/Turf/Lawn 

The Homeowner knows a few local contractors who were able to hook him up with a pallet of sod. The amount of sod worked out perfectly and no more than one pallet was needed.

Step 4 - Install Sustainable Burgundy Mulch 

Photo of Landscape Installation located in New Smyrna Beach, FL
Photo of new walkway framed with
CSI Natural Hardwood Fines Mulch.
The Homeowner wanted a nice contrast in the beds and was undecided which colored mulch variety to use. CSI Natural encouraged him to try CSI Natural Burgundy Mulch. A deep burgundy color which is quite different from other "radioactive reds" in the marketplace. The deeper color was the perfect contrast for his backyard.

After a few afternoons with help from friends and family, the backyard was a success and met the Homeowner's budgetary requirements. His girlfriend was stoked and so are the pets.

"The dogs don't get dirty when they go outside anymore. Before they come inside, we brush off the mulch and we're good! " -Homeowner

Products Used: